The Naughty Child’s Guide to The Fauna”

  • A rhyming ABC written and illustrated by myself with tongue very firmly in cheek.

 The verse is often scatalogical and the illustrations cartoonish. Regardless of the title this may be more suited to a ‘mature’ readership rather than one of tender years. Having said which … Yes, perhaps it should be retitled, “The VERY Naughty Child’s Guide ..” ??

 Political correctness is not one of my great priorities!

Having begun an alphabetized book soon taught me that there are one or two initial letters which are poorly represented as common names in the animal kingdom. I therefore cheated by using a latin species name, or used uncommon animals like the Urial.

 I hope however that these convolutions do not detract from the essential fun of the book.


A second, similarly formatted ABC book (in what I hope may become a series) is titled,

 A Modern Child’s Guide to Bugs, Mites and Similar Frights.”

Again written with fun in mind, although of necessity with the subject matter an occasional ‘more difficult’ word or concept creeps in, and the illustrations tend to be more realistic than cartoonish.

 The Naughty Book of Fauna                                         A Book of Bugs



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